an advanced MIDI pattern
sequencer for Linux

Current FTP Version: 1.99.2
Current CVS Version: 1.99.2



Currently, SoftWerk is only available as source code via CVS

Please visit the CVS page for more information on downloading the source.


You will need several things before you can compile SoftWerk:

  • a C++ compiler (I use EGCS 2.91.66)
  • GTK+ 1.2.6 or above
  • Gtk-- 1.2.0 or above
  • SigC++ 0.8.5 or above
  • the GNU autoconf and automake software
  • Some of my libraries: You must use the CVS versions of these libraries, since they contain changes not yet in the tarballs or RPMs.

At some point, I'll add links for all of the above. Meanwhile, see the Quasimodo requirements page if you need more information.

Actual MIDI output

Of course, if you want to send SoftWerk's MIDI output to real MIDI devices, you will also need either OSS-based sound drivers or (preferably) ALSA. This is not a requirement - SoftWerk is quite happy talking to FIFO's if thats how you configure it. However, to be honest, I doubt that you can even compile libmidi++ without either ALSA or OSS-based sound drivers installed, so you'd better have at least one of them around.

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